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Voting Game

Objective Of The Game

Vote your preferred option (please be truthful) and then try to predict what the majority of the members will vote. Results are shown 48 hrs after the question starts showing and at that point a new question becomes active while points are distributed to the members who predicted right. The amount of points won depends on the proportion of points wagered and the number of members who get the prediction wrong. If none of the players who get the prediction wrong bet anything, there will be nothing to distribute among the winners.

The votes you submit in this minigame are covered by our privacy policy and are never made public.

No Voting Game Question Available

The voting game is based on submissions made by members. If there are no submissions, there will be no questions.
Based on the current queue of approved poll questions, any new suggestions, if approved, will show immediately from now.

Previous Polls

Question Option A Option B Prediction
Votes Member
Did you ever research the meaning of your name? Yes 100% 0% No 100% 2   0  
Favourite Controller Type? Mouse & Keyboard 100% 0% Gamepad 100% 2   0  
What would you rather had on your wedding day? Record Heatwave 75% 25% Monsoon Rainfall 75% 4   0  
Preferred reading medium? E-Book 0% 100% Paper Book 100% 2   0  
You would rather your children were.... Bullies 66.7% 33.3% Bullied 66.7% 3   0  
Competitive Gaming in Malta is dead. True 83.3% 16.7% False 83.3% 6   0  
You would rather.... everyone read your mind and no one misunderstood you 33.3% 66.7% no one understood you 66.7% 3   1  
The ATM gives you an extra �10 bill... You tell the bank at your first opportunity 40% 60% You pretend it didn't happen 60% 5   0  
Does competitive playing remove the joy factor of playing or does it increase it? Games used to be there to entertain us, whereas now they're becoming professions. 100% 0% Being recognized as a great player, make a career and money and it's not fun? I think not. 100% 5   0  
Would you pay for DLC for a game which you really put hours in? Yes 75% 25% Nope 75% 4   0  
Do you have a bucket list? Yes 16.7% 83.3% No 83.3% 6   0  
Have you got a pet peeve? Yes 80% 20% No 80% 5   0  
Have you got a wall calendar in your room? Yes 20% 80% No 80% 5   0  
Does your PC sound system comprise a sub woofer? Yes 80% 20% No 60% 5   0  
Do you own an SSD drive? Yep 60% 40% Nope 60% 5   0  
Do you enjoy super hero movies? (eg: spiderman, xmen etc) Yah 80% 20% Nah 60% 5   0  
Current graphic card make? AMD 33.3% 66.7% Nvidia 66.7% 6   0  
Do you observe lent? Yes 25% 75% No 100% 4   0  
If you are at someones house and he offers you a plate and you dont like the food. Do you: Refuse the food 33.3% 66.7% Accept and eat it out of respect 66.7% 6   0  
What would you rather listen to right now? Rap 40% 60% Classical 40% 5   0  
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