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Trivia Competition


Welcome to the LANThrax Trivia - a fun way to earn points by answering questions once every 4 days. The formula is simple - once you click on the "Start Quiz" button below (members only), you are taken to a list of 10 randomly selected multiple choice questions. You get 3 points for every correct answer plus a bonus of 10 points if you get all 10 right. But beware, once you load the page, an automatic 120 second counter is triggered and it will submit your answers no matter how far you've progressed, so don't waste time researching. Once you load the page, you won't be allowed to visit the page again before another 96 hours, so DO NOT REFRESH!

Questions will be related to any of these subjects: Video Games, War, Computing and the LANThrax Club. Some questions are harder than others. Moreover, new questions can be submitted by members, so it is quite improbable that you will be asked the same questions on the following attempt.

You need to be a member in order to participate