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LANThrax Raffles

Every now and then LANThrax sponsors generously offer items for LANThrax members to win. This does not happen on a regular basis, but we will strive to make this happen as often as possible.

How it works

Raffles take place on a pre announced date. When the time comes, the system automatically and randomly chooses one of the members who have applied to participate in the raffle. When choosing a winner, the system takes into consideration the amount of points gained by each member during the previous 7 days, giving preference to members with higher point counts. Think of it this way - points are like lottery tickets, the more tickets one has, the greater the odds of winning. This is done to reward active membership. In order to make the raffles as fair as possible, and to give everyone an equal chance to gather enough points, not all point gaining channels are considered. The points taken in consideration are those earned through:

  • Logins
  • Code Breakers
  • Boxart Competition
  • Trivia Mini Game (excluding green zone/red zone points)

The point gaining channels above are accessible to all members and do not require arbitrary admin decisions.

Participating in the raffle requires member to explicitly apply for the current raffle. It is understandable that not all prizes apply for everyone. For example, a game for a specific console might not be of much use to members who do not own the console. We therefore kindly ask members to be considerate towards fellow members and to not apply for raffles having an uninteresting prize.

Current Raffle

No current raffles

Previous Raffles

Date Prize Winner
21-Jul-10 Pure Football (PS3) Nos 2411
11-Aug-10 30 EUROS Id-dajsa