Privacy Policy

privacy Your privacy is of great concern to us here at LANThrax. Therefore we never disclose any of the information that you might give us when you sign up.

Your email address is used only for sending you notifications and password reminders. When members communicate with each other through Member Mail, none of them is able to see each other's email address and a notification email is sent automatically by the system without the message sender's knowledge. Messages sent by Member Mail can only be seen by the sender and the recipient.

Votes submitted in the voting game are never made public.

Finally, your passwords are not stored in our database. Instead we store an encrypted hash of the password, which means that even if the database was to be hacked and the encryption cracked, the hackers would not be able to see the password. It is still important to use strong passwords though.

If, however, you decide to post any personal details on this site (something we don't recommend) you will be the sole responsible for it.


LANThrax Administration

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