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Have you ever accessed LANThrax on a mobile device?
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Have you ever accessed LANThrax on a mobile device?
How did you discover LANThrax?
How often do you read news articles?
Are you looking forward to the upcoming year 2010?
Do you like the new landing page theme?
Should Trivia questions be restricted to just video games/computers?
In your opinion, what should LANThrax do in order to increase the ammount of activity?
Summer has finally arrived. Are you going to increase the time allocated for gaming?
In LAN parties you participated in, would you rather have had:
Your gaming activity is at its peak during which time of the year?
If an online tournament was to be held, which main game would you participate in?
Should Trivia questions about release dates of games and hardware be banned?
When playing free MMORPGs:
Which from the following would you prefer playing?
Do you use 1337 language?
Who/What introduced you to gaming?
Does your PC support recent games?
What do you think of Windows 7 Beta?
How do you prefer the new CoD 5 server?
What type of reviews do you prefer reading?
Which CPU would you prefer?
What will you be doing this Christmas?
Which game from the COD series will you be playing most?
Which racing game from the following do you prefer?
Do you prefer buying a game...
Will you be purchasing World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King?
Which one from the PC Call of Duty games do you prefer?
Do you play on the LANThrax CoD2 Custom map server?
Do you like the new LANThrax menu?
Which game are you waiting for most?
Which factor related to internet is most important for you?
Will you be buying Call of Duty: World at War?
Will you consider switching to Google Chrome when it is officially released?
Which OS (Operating System) do you prefer?
Do you read through the trivia correct answers ?
Which of the following would you prefer having in the LANThrax CoD4 server?
Should LANThrax enforce English Language in its forums?
Which LANThrax minigame do you like most?
Which is your cell phone carrier?
What do you prefer doing in your free time?
Where are you from?
How many displays do you have connected to your PC?
Which office suite do you use most?
How frequently do you scan your PC for viruses?
Have you ever overclocked any of your hardware?
What video card do you currently have?
Do you purchase PC magazines?
How many optical drives (CD/DVD) does your PC have?
On average, your PC is on for:
What would make the BatlleShips game more interesting?
Your Cell Phone is manufactured by:
Do you use a router?
Do you think that the 10/10 ratings that GTA IV got from some gaming sites was deserved?
Do you own a console?
Did you ever sell anything through the LANThrax Market Square Forum?
Your soundcard is...
Your main display is a...
What's your favourite Chat program?
What brand is your mouse?
If you were to take part in a Good Friday pegeant, who would you be?
You currently...
Do you use voice chat when playing online?
Do you ever use the expression "LOL" when talking?
What should LANThrax improve on in 2008?
Do you think that 2007 was kind with gamers?
Should threads that have nothing to do with computers be allowed?
What were your impressions of LANnihilation?
Call of Duty 4
How many hours are you putting into gaming (on average) a week?
Will you be buying Team Fortress 2?
Do you think the CoD2 S&D server is doing better than it was before?
Should there be language filters in the public game servers?
Do you think that this school year will have better games than last year's games?
Do you think your ISP should have the right to know what you download?
Are getting games from online distribution systems such as Steam better, or worse for gamers?
CoD4 vs. Medal of Honor: Airborne - which game do you want more?
What do you believe should be improved on the LANThrax website?
Do you like the new CoD2 custom maps on our server?
Which of one of these frustrates you most?
Summer's here! Are you gaming more, or less?
LANThrax HL2 Insurgency mod server - would you play it?
What do you think about the new Trivia questions feature?
What is your biggest obstacle when attending a LAN party?
If you had to compare yourself with one of these game characters who would it be?
Do violent games encourage violent behavior?
What do you expect from LANThrax during Summer 2007?
The Total amount of HD space I have falls between :
The PC games I own are:
Nvidia vs. ATI
My favorite game type is:
Are you overclocking your hardware?
Are you addicted to a game so much that you must play it everyday?
Intel vs. AMD
Be Honest!! Have you ever used any form of cheats, hacks, aimbots etc for any game, in order to gain an unfair advantage?
You backup your computer :
The last time you cleaned your computer was
Your next upgrade will be:
Are you upgrading to Microsoft Windows Vista?
What's the ideal time for the Sunday competition?
What's your favourite GDI unit?
What kind of server should LANThrax provide next?
Where do you buy your hardware from?
What's the game you are mostly looking forward to?

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