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Statistics for Kamill

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L.O.L. - LANThrax Online Leagues - Join this group if you are interested in joining any tournament in the L.O.L.!
First Person Shooter veterans - If you can claim a body count of several thousand enemy killed, be they in multiplayer or single player, over ...
Points: 0 (4902)
Member Ranking: 8th
Level: 1 (рядово́й
Member Since: 08-Aug-07 14:02:59
Last Seen: 13-Mar-13 14:11:25
Current Login Streak: 1
Greatest Login Streak: 100
Topics Started: 7
Replies Posted: 71
Clan: ★BioHazard★ [|BH|]
Points Earned Through...
Trivia: 960
Trivia Questions**: 0
* Points received minus points given
** Green Zone points minus Red Zone penalties
Kamill`s Owned Games
Call Of Duty 2 (PC)
Kamill`s Rig
Processor Intel Core 2 Quad Desktop Processor Q8400
Video Card Gainward GeForce GTS250 1024MB