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Guide to LANThrax Jargon

/care – An expression used to indicate that the poster does not care about what was said by the previous poster. Similar to DILLIGAF (see below)

Bezles – Derives from the Maltese word “Beżżul”. Usually refers to people who try to make things better but end up in a worse situation. Click here for a fine example of Bezles.

CoDoP - Call-Of-Duty-ONLY-Player. Refers to gamers who think that Call Of Duty™ is the only game out there. One can easily recognize them because they usually post questions about problems they have without specifying which game they are talking about (since they take it for granted that Call Of Duty™ is the only game that people play).

DILLIGAF - stands for "Do I Look Like I Give A Flinch?" Flinch is often replaced by other "F" words.

LOL – Stands for “Laugh Out Loud”. It is meant to be used to indicate that a member found a previous comment or action funny. Often used by spammers who want to post something even though they cannot think of anything useful to say.

Nannu tal-Ġurnata - Mentally challenged people who drive very slowly and turn an 8 minute drive into a 15 minute drive. You might ask, what's wrong with driving slowly? Nothing, as long as they keep to the side of the road. But, no, they want to drive in the middle so that no one can overtake them. They are a great threat to the environment because they cause honest drivers to step down the gear shift and hence producing more exhaust in a single trip. They are also the major cause of traffic accidents because those usually happen while someone tries to over take them. A Nannu Tal-Ġurnata can easily be recognized by one or more of those indicators:

They drive with one arm out of the side window
They got a triangular banner of an idol hanging from the rear view mirror (sometimes replaced with rosary beads)
They got a large wind shield (or rear screen) sticker with some mispelled text.

Nannu Tal-Ġurnata are also known as Fjak Tal-Ġurnata or Għajjien Tal-Ġurnata due to their retarded nature.

Locomotive - a Nannu tal-Ġurnata (see above) with 10 cars stuck behind him.

Pulling a S.E.A.L – This happens when a member is attacked by another member, but instead of becoming a victim, actually gains from the attempted attack. The first historic references to pulling a S.E.A.L date back to the days when LANThrax (then GozoLANParty) used to allow members to donate points to each other. A member tried to steal 3000 points from S.E.A.L (hence the expression) by entering a negative value in the “points” field. However, due to a security feature in the website, negative signs were ignored and the “robber” ended up donating 3000 points.

WTB – Want to buy. Used in forum thread subjects to indicate that the poster is interested in buying the item mentioned in the subject.

WTS – Want to sell. Used in forum thread subjects to indicate that the poster is interested in selling the item mentioned in the subject.

WTT – Want to trade. Used in forum thread subjects to indicate that the poster is interested in selling the item mentioned in the subject with something else.

WTF – An expression used by forum users to indicate suprise at something unusual. The “WT” in this expression are not related to the “WT” in the expressions above.


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