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Medal of Honour: Pacific Assault (PC)

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (abbreviated MoHPA) is a first-person shooter computer game the story of which takes place during the Pacific War. It is the 7th installment of the Medal of Honor series.
Members who own the game 3 Members who played the game 2 Members who beat the game 2

Medieval 2 Total War (PC)

Video available
5 1 reviews
The Total War series continues an amazing run with a remake of Medieval Total War. Medieval 2 introduces new AI, making it a versatile opponent on both the campaign map and battle map. With improved graphics and its popular 3D camera, Medieval 2 has become on of the best startegies out there.
Members who own the game 8 Members who played the game 9 Members who beat the game 7

Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms (PC)

Video available
4 1 reviews
An expansion for Medieval featuring 4 new campaigns and a new American map
Members who own the game 5 Members who played the game 5 Members who beat the game 3

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)

Video available
5 2 reviews
Set in a battle-scarred future where war has become business carried out by mercenaries and machines, this visually stunning title sets new boundaries for gameplay and cinematic experiences in videogaming. The refined control system allows for some of the coolest gameplay ever seen as players guide Snake through to the end of his worn torn journey and tie up loose plot ends.

Additions to Metal Gear Solid 4 include rumble support for the new DualShock 3 controller, full 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound support and more interactivity during the cutscenes such as allowing users to change angles and summon flashbacks.

The final part of this must have title comes in the form of Metal Gear Online, included with MGS4. Initially compromising of five unique online stages created using Guns of the Patriots technology, Metal Gear Online allows up to 16 people to play simultaneously in five different modes ranging from standard Deathmatch to Team Deathmatch, Capture and Sneaking missions. Further Expansion Packs will be released ensuring the content is fresh and rewarding for the players.
Members who own the game 9 Members who played the game 12 Members who beat the game 10

Metro 2033 (PC)

Video available
Metro 2033 is an action-oriented video game with a combination of survival horror and first-person shooter elements. The game is based on the novel Metro 2033 by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. It was developed by 4A Games in Ukraine and released in March 2010 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.[3] In March 2006, 4A Games announced a partnership with Glukhovsky to collaborate on the game.[4] The game was announced at the 2009 Games Convention in Leipzig; a first trailer came along with the announcement. A sequel was announced, currently titled Metro: Last Light.
Members who own the game 3 Members who played the game 3 Members who beat the game 2

Mirror's Edge (PC)

Video available
4 1 reviews
In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called Runners transport sensitive data away from prying eyes. In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed, your sister has been framed and now you are being hunted.

You are a Runner called Faith - and this innovative first-person action-adventure is your story.

Mirror’s Edge™ delivers you straight into the shoes of this unique heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat and fast paced chases. With a never before seen sense of movement and perspective, you will be drawn into Faith’s world. A world that is visceral, immediate, and very dangerous.

Live or die? Soar or plummet? One thing is certain, in this city you will learn how to run.

From the makers of the groundbreaking Battlefield franchise, Mirror’s Edge is an action-adventure experience unlike any other.
Members who own the game 18 Members who played the game 22 Members who beat the game 9

Napoleon Total War (PC)

Video available
5 1 reviews
The next game of the series following Empire: Total War
Members who own the game 7 Members who played the game 5 Members who beat the game 3

Need For Speed Most Wanted (PC)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is developed by British games developer Criterion Games, released on October 30, 2012. The game pick up on the Most Wanted IP, as opposed to the Hot Pursuit extension that Criterion had worked on in previous years. This was the first game that was made when Criterion Games took over Need for Speed, dethroning Black Box.
It features open world racing, and most of the cars in the game are available from the start, hidden in different locations.[69] It also features a blacklist of 10 instead of 15, and there is no story for the game. It is powered by Autolog 2.0. Performance upgrades are available for all the cars in the game, such as chassis, tires, nitrous, and bodywork.
Members who own the game 1 Members who played the game 1 Members who beat the game 1

Need for Speed: Carbon (PC)

What starts in the city is settled in the canyons as Need for Speed: Carbon immerses you into the world's most dangerous and adrenaline-filled form of street racing. You and your crew must race in an all-out war for the city, risking everything to take over your rivals' neighbourhoods one block at a time. As the police turn up the heat, the battle ultimately shifts to Carbon Canyon, where territories and reputations can be lost on every perilous curve. Need for Speed: Carbon delivers the next generation of customisation giving you the power to design and tweak your crew's cars in every way using the ground-breaking new Autosculpt technology. Represent your car class, your crew, and your turf in Need for Speed: Carbon, the next revolution in racing games.
Members who own the game 35 Members who played the game 43 Members who beat the game 30

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (PC)

Video available
4 2 reviews
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit will transform online racing by bringing to life the adrenaline and intensity of high speed cop pursuits and changing the way that people connect and compete with their friends.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is being developed by Criterion Games, the developers behind the critically-acclaimed Burnout racing series. These renowned innovators are redefining action racing by delivering an experience that connects players through intense competition whether playing online together or taking on friends' challenges.

At the heart of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is a suite of connected features called Need for Speed Autolog that enables players to connect, compare and compete with their friends effortlessly.

Exotic cars on the open road, the rush of the escape, the thrill of the takedown - this is Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.
Members who own the game 8 Members who played the game 8 Members who beat the game 1
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