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Age of Empires III (PC)

Average rating
3 reviews
Members who own the game 38 members own the game
Members who played the game 45 members played the game
Members who beat the game 26 members beat the game

Member Reviews

Lance Corporal

Level 1
LANThrax Loyalist (30 straight daily logins)
April 7, 2009 15:19:52
Really good came but lacks a bit in graphics.
It has a really good story with different units and scenarios but lacks in graphics for what i had expected where some of the problems in Age of mythology are still present.
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Level 1
December 28, 2009 22:57:19
Enjoyable...for a while anyways
In short, the game is quite interesting
Graphics are...ok, for it's age and the campaign keeps you on the edge of your pc chairs but going to my grandma's house has more replayability than this AOE. Ok there is custom scenario and multiplayer but both get boring after a while. Once I was finished with the campaign, I immediately uninstalled it to make way for it's expansions(which had the same problem : REPLAYBILITY(a lack of it actually))

Another factor which I don't like is Historical Inaccuracy. As I grew up with Total War games, I quite dislike the fact that AOE doesn't tackle historically accurate armies, formations and units. Armies are also VERY small by warfare standards

To keep this review short, I just want to point out the likes and dislikes in my opinion :

Likes :

Good narration of story
Diversity in way to victory(more than one way to complete a mission)
Interesting time period(Colonisation and all that)
Sound and Graphics are decent

Dislikes :

Lack of replayability
Doesn't live up to previous AOEs
Historical Inaccuracy

(Note : As I said, these are my opinions. Some may like it more, some may like it less than I did)

Level 1
LANThrax Extremist (90 straight daily logins)
March 31, 2009 22:21:14
Awesome game specially for its time
graphics where stunning, even by today's standards they are quite good for an rts, and best part theres MALTAAAA (say it like leonidas would) kicking turk butt!
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