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Need For Speed: Shift (PC)

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1 reviews
Members who own the game 14 members own the game
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Member Reviews

Lance Corporal

Level 1
LANThrax Extremist (90 straight daily logins)
September 20, 2009 13:54:13
Quite awesome!
Pretty much impressed by the latest Need For Speed, after the disappointing one, Undercover.
The interior cars' detail is quite impressive, and it's the most feature I liked. There are tons of cars one could buy, each one differs from others, which makes the game very realistic. Graphics are quite good, & sound is great too. If you're much into tuning, one can modify his car according to his preference/needs. There are quite a few upgrades - featuring Aerodynamics, Engine upgrades, Turbo, Nitrous, Suspension and more. Also, one can personalize both the exterior and interior to his preference.

Real cars and tracks is one of the greatest features in my opinion.
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