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The Sims 2 (PC)

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1 reviews
Members who own the game 26 members own the game
Members who played the game 34 members played the game
Members who beat the game 12 members beat the game

Member Reviews

Private E1

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LANThrax Extremist (90 straight daily logins)
April 6, 2009 23:07:42
I love this game.
So firstly you would think that this game is more appealing to female audiences. Well I'm male and I was impressed by the game. Maybe because my ambition is to become an interior designer/draftsman/architect. I love the part were you build your own house and decorate it. There is an endless variety of things to decorate your home with. Controlling sims is fun too and also customization of your sim is available. The game also features more expansions to keep your house and sim up-to-date. Wether having a laugh by making your sim have 6 girlfriends or learn architectural tactics in building houses this game will surely be good.
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