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Prototype (PC)

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1 reviews
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LANThrax Extremist (90 straight daily logins)
August 20, 2009 10:34:22
A good platformer on the pc
This is quite a good game, the gameplay is quite awesome, you have diverse powers and a huge playground, with a good story.

On the bad side, the graphics are quite bad, they are 2006-ish, many optimisations could have been done to animation and more attention to detail. I would like to add that this game is VRAM limited like gtaiv, unlike gtaiv though i could have easily pushed it much further with my 8800gts 320, but it only let me play it at 720p and 2x AA (i played wolverine on 1080p, 2x AA and got 50+ fps) which is very low for such a graphicly impaired game.

Even the system requirements are high, a 1.8ghz dual core and a 7800gt (keep in mind crysis runs on a 2.8ghz p4 and 6800gt).

The audio is also quite bad, my headset isnt the loudest out there (Fatal1ty non usb) but i really had to struggle with maximum volume to listen what was being said, and no subtitles didnt help at all. (not 100% sure that subs werent available, i couldnt find them). Voice acting could have been better at some points too.

Also one thing that should have been more optimised are the combos, maybe it is because i played god of war, the combos don't feel like they continue onto one another.

Eventhough there are all these cons in this game, it still was fun to play. I tought of this game as a GTA buster when i saw the trailers back in early 08, but it doesnt come close. Still ide like to say it was a fun ride. That is why i give it a 4/5