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Battlefield 2 (PC)

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LANThrax Extremist (90 straight daily logins)
April 1, 2009 19:37:43
Brilliant war game and shooter
Certainly one of the best war games ever made, Battlefield 2 takes first-person shooters to the next generation. With the theme of modern warfare, up to 64 players can join on one battleground to fight for control and thus, victory. The game works with control points, much like Company of Heroes, where teams have to capture sections of the map and subsequently defend them to reduce the other team's points and thus achieve victory.

Although a number of games have been released since, BF2 remains one of the top war games, and when it was released it was a great breakthrough in both gameplay, graphics as well as sound-effects, with the introduction of in-game VOIP.

Used to be my favourite game when it was released, and it still is close to the top of my list. 5/5
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