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Civilization 4 (PC)

Average rating
2 reviews
Members who own the game 14 members own the game
Members who played the game 15 members played the game
Members who beat the game 5 members beat the game

Member Reviews


Level 1
LANThrax Extremist (90 straight daily logins)
April 1, 2009 18:39:48
highly addictive game! keeps you going and going utill you figure out that u started at 5pm and now its 2am. One of pcs best games
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Maresciallo ordinario

Level 7
LANThrax Extremist (90 straight daily logins)
April 6, 2009 20:35:48
Very addictive, thoughtful game
Don't be fooled by it's simplistic graphics. This game hides a lot of depth and has a lot of replayability because there are so many ways to achieve victory. And like it's predecessors, it has that "one more turn" addiction that will keep you hooked until the early hours of the morning. The trailer is exaggerated...but not much!

This game requires thought so it might not appeal to players used to "shoot anything that moves" kind of games.