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Market Square

CPU,RAM,Motherboard BUNDLE

12-Jan-17 1:45 PM

#Core 2 Quad Extreme Q9650 CPU
This CPU is the Highest the LGA 775 Motherboard will take its 45nm architecture unlike the previous 65nm Core 2 quads which is very power efficient which means much less heat when overclocking.

#ASUS P5Q-E Motherboard LGA 775

#8GB (4x 2GB) Corsair CM2X2048-6400C4DHX DDR2-800

#Xigmatek Dark Knight Cooler

This bundle with only cpu overclocked paried along side a GTX 970 I had, was seeing 55-40fps constant in the latest games on everything Maxed out on ultra or Hyper Settings.
Games Like dying light,Mirrors edge catalyst,Rise of the tomb raider and my favorite Battlefield 1 which are all CPU intensive, others like Doom ,Wolfenstein New Order and any previous generation games will run smoother and go over 80fps easily 

Only asking for 250 with a good free quality cooler.

30-Jul-18 9:44 AM