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Weird Stuff

Funny email from

20-Sep-11 7:30 PM
Trivia Adept Rocket Scientist Genius LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic Eye For Detail LANThrax Extremist Noteworthy Eye For Detail Outstanding Eye For Detail Code Breaker Benefactor Code Breaking Master Lupin III Collector Spaced Out Sheep I stood up, I got counted Salmon Forecaster Poller

Just got this email and I found it so hilarious that I had to share it with you. I like their sense of humour.

[q]Dear Osprey

During a recent server upgrade, we accidentally deleted all of our account holders' login details and require you to log on in order to enter your bank details, shoe size, date of birth and favourite Cheech and Chong movie.

This will allow us to verify your account, and also enable us to deposit the $35,000,000 that you have just inherited from a complete stranger in Nigeria with a strangely generic, English sounding name.

Furthermore, you have just won the Florida State Lottery jackpot, which stands at some $165,000,000 even though you never actually bought a ticket.

So, well done to you.

Please log on immediately at so that we may update our records.

Kind regards

The Bank Phishing Department

PS. For legal reasons, we have to tell you that this is not a real phishing attempt, so please don't tell us your bank details. Unless you're really wealthy, and really want to.

PPS. We should also point out that this is actually a cheap attempt at getting you to come back to the 'OIM Community' forum.

PPPS. How on earth did this get past your anti-spam software?


Actually it did get caught by the junk filter, but I read it anyway.

20-Sep-11 8:12 PM
LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic LANThrax Extremist

I would actually trust this email more than I would trust the "proper" phishing emails. xD Good one I must say

20-Sep-11 9:46 PM
Trivia Adept LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic LANThrax Extremist Eye For Detail Noteworthy Eye For Detail Sheep I stood up, I got counted Spaced Out Forecaster Salmon Outstanding Eye For Detail

ahaha XD good parody :p