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How to fix corrupted hard drive

25-Apr-19 11:45 AM

My external acer laptop hard drive has corrupted, I also checked and they suggested to restart the computer but it does not work can anyone provide me a valid way to fix and recover it.

06-May-19 10:30 AM
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Hi lilly909,

Presuming that:

1) your laptop is installed with Windows 7 or upwards

2) only your external drive is faulty and your laptop is able to boot into windows without any issue

3) your external hard disk is either and "old" platter (HDD) or hybrid (SSHD) disk (i.e. not an SSD one)

4) given 3) above, your external hard disk does not have a head crash (repeating pattern of revving/spinning sound followed by clicking/grinding sound emanating from drive in question)

...then open an elevated command prompt window as follows:

1) Click Start.

2) In the search box, type cmd and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. If done properly, the User Account Control window will appear.

3) Click Yes to run the Windows Command Prompt as Administrator.

Once open, type in the following command where X: is the drive name (ex: E:, F:, G: etc) for your external hard disk

chkdsk X: /b

This will scan your hard disk for bad clusters and attempt to repair them. Many a time this has worked for me in the past.

That said, as always, there is no guarantee that this will bring back your files, but its worth a try.


If on the other hand your hard disk is an SSD drive, then I'm afraid that you will have to use one of the many recovery softwares available on the market. Regretfully I have had no experience with their use, so I do not feel confident in providing guidance in this respect.


Hope this helps!