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Laboratory Rats

Value my PC - Considering to sell

08-Dec-16 12:24 AM
LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic LANThrax Extremist

Hi LanThrax fellows:

I have one of my gaming PCs that I am considering to sell, could someone give me a value, I am afraid that since it's a bit outdated now, I will not get a fair price for it.

CPU: Core i5 3470 @3.2GHz

HDD: 128GB SSD/256GB SSD (not both, but have both options available) & 750GB Hard Disk

Motherboard: ASRock P67 Extreme4

Case: Coolermaster Storm Scout

RAM: 8GB DDR3 Kingston (pratically new, just bought them a few months ago).

PSU: Recently bought from Simark, Nox 750W PSU

Graphics Card: GTX 770 4GB

Other: Keyboard & Mouse also possible but I only have some cheap ones lying around

Monitor is also available (Full HD 22").