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Market Square

WTS 2300+ paragon Diablo-3,TOP-1 EU account

29-Dec-15 12:35 AM

I'm original owner.
You can see & check all information about my profile /

My videos:
GR-82 x3:

GR-86 x4:

Top EU account, 2300+ paragon in non-season. All characters: (Witch Doctor-Dart-Helltooth Harness-Jade-Arachyr; Barbarian-Hota-Leach-Support-WW-Might of the Earth-The Legacy of Raekor; Monk-Heal-Leach)
All my characters are dressed in ancient equipment. High positions in ladder.
9000 hours of time played for the WD & Barbarian.

1-st rank in (Diablo Ladders - Elemental DPS)

I am ready to sell my account. I will give it in good hands !!
-free rename (battle-tag)
-full access to e-mail
-free password change
-free e-mail change

Contact me for more information.
Skype: Lynch21122012