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Messages in the Inbox

30-Nov-13 7:37 AM
LANThrax Loyalist

  About the messages in the inbox, it says 1, 2, 3, 4 etc pages, even though there are about 3 or 4 messages only in my inbox, how about its fixed so that the option to flip to the second page, only shows up when the maximum limit of messages per page is reached in page 1?

  Also is there some kind of flaw with pm`s atm? Cos after replying to a pm, my reply doesnt show up, then when the other person replies, there is my actual msg, (shows only when the other person replies back!)


Keep up the good work!!

30-Nov-13 6:48 PM
LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic Sheep I stood up, I got counted Spaced Out Forecaster LANThrax Extremist Bug Hunter Collector Salmon Elite Bug Hunter

First Issue: Infact if you probably click on number 4, it will create another 4..

Second Issue: Sent Items top right

01-Dec-13 8:31 AM
Trivia Adept Rocket Scientist Genius LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic Eye For Detail LANThrax Extremist Noteworthy Eye For Detail Outstanding Eye For Detail Code Breaker Benefactor Code Breaking Master Lupin III Collector Spaced Out Sheep I stood up, I got counted Salmon Forecaster Poller

Thanks for pointing out. I'll see to it the first time I am working on the website.