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Laboratory Rats

Headphones Query

22-Oct-14 9:48 PM
LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic LANThrax Extremist

I am in need of a new headset.

I would like to get a new headset to be able to use on both my PC and Playstation, so it has to be a bluetooth one.

I havent a clue what to get, I would like to purchase one locally and my bugdet is around €70 max.

My first preference would be to at least have a wireless/bluetooth that is compatable with PC (Win 7/8) and it doesnt need to have a mic with it, however a mic would be great to if it is built-in.

I dont want a wired headset because i have managed to have my past 3 wired headsets fail on me in the past 4 years.

Looking forward to some great and positive feedback


23-Oct-14 4:22 PM
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I believe the Steel Series Siberia V2 has a bluetooth version and is really comfortable. I doubt you will find one in Malta for that price tho.

23-Oct-14 6:19 PM
LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic LANThrax Extremist


Maybe i could buy two headsets...

One for gaming which could be wired and with a mic etc etc....


One for watching movies late at night (bluetooth/wireless)

any idea's please?

I have also seen these:

However i have never heard of the brand Lioncast....