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Gaming not Dead!

03-Nov-16 4:56 PM

What happened been playing since enemy teritory

After cod2 died everyone stopped.....

There is no GOD!

04-Nov-16 6:58 AM
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Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and I am open to counterarguments.

CoD2 necessitated hosting a server to allow gamers to play. Nowadays, multiplayer game companies host their own servers. While it is good for reducing cheating and preventing moderators from abusing their powers, it also reduces the appeal of gaming communities based around such game servers. The reason LANThrax was so popular during the CoD2 era was because if you wanted a pleasant (at least where it came to latency) gaming experience in Malta there was no other place to go. Besides LANThrax had server renting facility that encouraged players to become members in the website. And having our own game server allowed for occasional events like Operation Herkules which were appealing because it was easier to get into a large scale match with people you know (as opposed to playing with total strangers).

08-Nov-16 7:43 AM
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And gaming is not dead, it has evolved.

Also, with the rise of social media, gaming community sites such as these have gone down in popularity.