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Geeks' corner

Battalion 1944

20-Feb-18 2:57 PM
LANThrax Loyalist LANThrax Fanatic LANThrax Extremist Spaced Out Collector Sheep I stood up, I got counted Forecaster Salmon

Hi All, 

Long time no see!

As you may have heard, a new game Battalion 1944, has been released in Early Access stage this month. For the benefit of those who have not heard of it, Battalion 1944 aims to revive the memories of old school shooters such as CoD2 and CoD4 via its simplicity and skill.

I am trying to setup of a new Battalion competitive team made up of active gamers, in order to take part in online and maybe even offline tournaments. Anyone who is interested may reply to this thread or contact me directly on steam: chowz94.

I look forward to receiving some kind of feedback.


Chowz - 10 year Lanthrax member :)