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Forum Name Threads
Club Talk (LANThrax gaming community discussions)
If you feel the urge to discuss stuff related to the community, its management and features in the web site, here's the place for such discussions.
Laboratory Rats (Hardware related threads)
What's better? AMD or Intel? NVidia or ATI? Enter this never ending debate and others. While you're at it, you might even find a way to squeeze that little more juice out of your setup in order to kill the other Lan Partiers with envy.
Geeks' corner (Software & Games related threads)
Some people seem to have lots of time on their hands and therefore spend it playing games over and over again in order to learn any new trick about them. Some of them might even be willing to share their discoveries with us common mortals who have relationships and have to work too. This section is also dedicated to members who have problems with software such as games, tools and operating systems.
General Discussions (Discussions about things not related to computing & IT or the LANThrax club & website)
Generals welcome. Jokes apart, this section is for those who would like to share their opinions about stuff that is not directly related to gaming or technology. Please avoid discussing political or religious issues here. There are other sites dedicated to such debates.
Coders' Cove (Programming related discussions)
Dedicated to programmers and web developers.
Market Square (Selling of second hand stuff (not for commercial use))
You just purchased the latest cutting edge technology CPU which is still warm from the factory. Now what do you do with your previous CPU which was cutting edge just a month ago? No need to fear, LANThrax is here! Trade your stuff on this forum.
Please note that LANThrax is just a medium for members to trade their stuff. It is by no means responsible for the well functioning and priceworthyness of anything traded through LANThrax. You trade at your own risk.
Events (Gaming events such as LAN Parties and Fairs)
Gaming events such as LAN Parties or public displays can be discussed in this forum.
Complaints/Bugs (Bugs in LANThrax website)
As the name suggests, this is where you can let the webmaster know about bugs and get awarded points for that. You only get points for bugs reported here.
Suggestions (Suggestions for a better LANThrax)
The name says it all. If there is any particular feature you would like to see in this website, just drop a line. You also get points if the idea is actually implemented.
Weird Stuff (Weird computer related stuff)
How many times have you come across some funny picture and wished you could share it with everyone, not just those in your email address book? Now's your chance. Please note that you need to use some common sense when uploading material in this site. If you lack this common sense, then please do not upload anything. Otherwise we would be forced to remove your posts or, if necessary, take harsher corrective action. Just because we are giving you the opportunity to upload stuff, does not mean you can abuse it.
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