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Saturday 17-Sep-11

Final Fantasy X Remake Confirmed For Ps Vita, Ps3

Here's some good news for all of you out there who can't get enough of Square Enix's seemingly endless number of remakes. During Sony's TGS 2011 press conference, Square Enix announced that a remake of the PS2 title, Final Fantasy X, is en route to both the PS3 home gaming console and the PS Vita handheld platform.

In case you've never heard of or played it before, Final Fantasy X follows the adventures of blitzball player Tidus and the summoner Yuna. It's a pretty big milestone in the series as it was the first Final Fantasy game to feature both full, non-pre-rendered 3D areas and voice acting.

The Final Fantasy X HD remake is still currently in development so details on it remain scarce. The original first came out on the PS2 back in 2001, so the remake is in celebration of the game's tenth anniversary. It doesn't seem like we'll be seeing it before the game turns 10 years old in North America though, which happens this December. Maybe it'll be out by the time it turns 10 in Europe, which will be in May 2012.

Square Enix doesn't really have to make any more remakes to solidify its position as a remake machine, but having such an important title (for series fans, anyway) on the PS3 and the PS Vita should help move units of those platforms even further. Plus hey, it's another chance to see Auron be all badass again.

The company also has some new titles being prepped for the PS Vita aside from the remake.


 Via [IGN]

Generalfeldmarschall+ Driftking

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poisongirl 20-Sep-11 13:23:19
Big fan of FFX myself. Best be getting a PS3 and a Vita just to play these versions
Adrhunter likes this comment
inferno 24-Sep-11 20:19:40
mhux ahjar jamlu ff7 remake...
KrazyKain 25-Sep-11 12:37:42
remaking the wrong FF here... FFX is already very good and playable today... while 7 is also good and playable... it shows its age much more, and WAAAAAY more people are begging for a remake
MercyKiller101 25-Sep-11 15:04:54
FFX introduced a new generation of gamers to RPGs, and it's easier to remake than FF7. For the most part all they have to do with FFX is redo the textures etc. With FF7 they have to do everything from the ground up, I doubt there's anything they can reuse.
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