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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a LAN Party anyway?
Are your LAN parties reserved only to your members?
How do I sign up?
What do I need in order to come to your LAN parties?
What are member points, why would I want them and how do I get them?
Why are my points decreasing?
Why don't I show in the members list?
Why am in a "Waiting List"?

What’s a LAN Party anyway?
According to,
A LAN party is a temporary, sometimes spontaneous gathering of people together with their computers, which they connect together in a local area network (LAN) primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer computer games.” You can read the full article here.

Are your LAN parties reserved only to your members?
In order to sign up for an event, you need to be logged in. Signing up for a member account costs nothing, though.

How do I sign up?
Just click on the sign up link, enter a user name (no special characters please), a valid email address (so you can receive your random password that you can later change) and your location.

What do I need in order to come to your LAN parties?

  • A reasonably powerful PC (Please check the minimum specs for multiplay that are shown on the software box. We do not want to slow down the action because of some old Pentium II)
  • A monitor (ideally a TFT for ease of handling)
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones (sorry, no speakers allowed)
  • A power strip
  • UTP Network cable (you can get one for a few bucks from most computer stores)
  • An Uninterruptable Power Supply (optional, but you never know who's gonna trigger the earth leakage circuit breaker)
  • A good dose of sportsmanship (remember, this is just a game)
  • Snacks for everyone (optional, but that would make you popular with the others)

What are member points, why would I want them and how do I get them?
Like in most organized organizations, there needs to be a hierarchy in LANThrax. Otherwise there would be anarchy, which is a bad thing. Therefore there is a ranking system that allows high ranking officers to do things that others can’t. For example, the member level determines how many new threads can be posted in a single 72 hour span. Members get points in these circumstances:
Action Points
  Logging in (points assigned once per day) +10
  Pointing out to the webmaster a bug that he/she has not yet noticed +30
  Birthdays [4] +50
  Birthday Cheating [4] -100
  Answer a Trivia question correctly +3 per correct answer
  Answer 10 Trivia question correctly in one session (bonus) +10
  A member's "Green Zone"[2] question shows up +3
  A member's "Red Zone"[2] question shows up -3
Boxart Mini Game
  Guessing the Boxart Game +10 to +50
Voting Game Mini Game
  Cast a vote +10
  Get a "like" for a suggested poll +5
  "Like" a poll suggestion +2 (up to 10 pts max per 24Hrs)
  Suggesting a hard to predict poll[1] +50
  Suggesting a very predictable poll[1] -50
Code Breakers Mini Game
  Solving the Code Breakers mini game puzzle (bonus) +10
  First to get 1 digit or colour right in a match +1
  First to get 2 digits or colours right in a match +2
  First to get 3 digits or colours right in a match +3
  First to get 4 digits or colours right in a match +4
  First to get 5 digits or colours right in a match +5
Sticker Album
  Complete the collection +100
  Complete a sticker trade transaction +2 (minimum) [3]
Call Of Mars Mini Game
  Found a new colony in Call Of Mars +20
  Abandon a colony -20
  Capture, plunder or raze an enemy colony +20
  Capture an artifact +20

[1] Points are awarded or subtracted when the results are made public

[2] A questions is "in the Green Zone" when the number of times the question was answered correctly is close to the number of times it was answered incorrectly. The percentage of times that question was answered correctly shows on the right side of each question in a member's "My Questions" list. Any question that has between 45% and 55% success rate has a green square around the percentage value, indicating it is in the Green Zone. This means that the question is neither too easy nor too hard, that is, a balanced question. Likewise, if a question is either to hard (0% - 5%) or too easy (95% - 100%) it will land in the Red Zone. Such a question will incur a point penalty everytime the question shows up (an impression). There is a limit of 15 impressions per day for every member. In simple words, even if a member has 1000 posted questions, this member's questions cannot show up more than 15 times in a single 24hr period. The chances of such questions actually showing up would increase though.

[3] When a member accepts a trade request both the person making a request and the person receiving the request receive the same amount of points. The amount of points awarded depends on the the number and rarity of stickers traded in the transaction. Very common, common, rare and very rare stickers carry 1, 2, 4 and 8 points respectively.

[4] Logging in to LANThrax on your birthday will award you 50 points. Trying to cheat the system by pretending to have multiple birthdays during one year results in a penalty.

Why are my points decreasing?
In order to give both new and long standing members to have an equal chance at reaching high levels, the total points value for every member is based on the activities done in the previous 30 days. Therefore, if a member stops being active, points start decreasing. Members can also lose points in the unlikely event of them being moderated and the number of points deducted increases with every moderation.

Why don't I show in the members list?
The members list only shows members who have logged in at least once in the last 30 days. The fact that a member does not show in the list does not necessarily mean that he/she has been kicked.

Why am I in a "Waiting List"?
LANThrax events can only be attended in groups of four. Four is the perfect number for LAN parties because this allows for perfectly balanced teams. If you are in the waiting list, you might not be allowed to play in a LAN Party and you will probably be regarded as a gap filler, in case one of the members who signed up does not show up. You can be removed from the waiting list and confirmed as a player if one of these things happens: (A) other members sign up so that the total number of sign ups becomes a multiple of four or (B) a previous signee decides to "Eject" in which case you are moved up the list and probably out of the waiting list.
Although the sign up list groups signees in groups of four, this does not necessarily put these groups as teams since teams are formed at the beginning of the event or tournament (unless otherwise specified).