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Guess The Box Art Competition

Last Zoom Occured at 11:15:17

Top 5 Players of the Past 15 Days

Member Last Guessing Time Guess Count
Q4TTU5 25-Apr-17 08:28:00 10
Vengeance 26-Apr-17 08:11:06 6
Osprey 23-Apr-17 06:48:47 5

Top 5 Players of All Time

Member Last Guessing Time Guess Count
Q4TTU5 25-Apr-17 08:28:00 1281
Osprey 23-Apr-17 06:48:47 1275
B.Theuma 07-Nov-16 23:25:36 678
Vengeance 26-Apr-17 08:11:06 376
Kazza 29-Sep-12 11:27:35 310

round #286516
Welcome to LANThrax "Guess The Box Art Competition" - yet another fun way to earn points while competing against other members.

How it works

The picture on the left represents a picture of a box art of one of the games listed here. The picture is chosen at random by the system and everyone sees the same picture at any one point. The picture is grayscaled, filtered with a random colour tint, rotated by a random angle and is initially zoomed in to a random spot. As time goes by, the zooming level decreases gradually.

As soon as you think you know the game that is displayed, look it up in this list and click the thumbnail for the game in question. If you get it right, you will earn 10 points and have your name added to the hall of fame for a few days of glory (only the last 30 guesses are shown). If you choose the wrong picture, though, you won't be allowed to attempt again in this round and in the following rounds. The number of rounds in which you cannot participate depends on the number of consecutive failed attempts you had. There is no point penalty but your name will show together with the names of all the members who tried to guess this round without success. When the correct game is guessed by a member, the picture is reset and the cycle starts again with a different random picture.

Latest 30 guesses

Winner Guessing Time Game Title Jackpot
Vengeance 26-Apr 08:11:06 Lego Star Wars 2 10
Q4TTU5 25-Apr 08:28:00 Dragon Age 2 10
Vengeance 24-Apr 08:46:08 Lego Star Wars 2 10
Q4TTU5 23-Apr 18:02:38 Mass Effect 3 10
Osprey 23-Apr 06:48:47 Bioshock 10
Q4TTU5 22-Apr 18:30:35 Guild Wars 10
Osprey 22-Apr 10:17:05 Rayman Raving Rabbids 10
Vengeance 21-Apr 16:35:08 Civilization 5 10
Vengeance 21-Apr 00:00:32 Mass Effect 3 10
Vengeance 20-Apr 08:30:34 Mario Strikers Charged Football 10
Vengeance 19-Apr 14:40:52 Need For Speed Prostreet 10
Osprey 18-Apr 22:02:35 Bioshock 10
Q4TTU5 18-Apr 03:25:04 Generals Zero Hour 10
Q4TTU5 17-Apr 09:03:00 Generals Zero Hour 10
Q4TTU5 16-Apr 17:10:55 Devil May Cry 10
Osprey 16-Apr 06:08:07 Gears Of War 10
Q4TTU5 14-Apr 23:52:47 Command And Conquer 3 10
Q4TTU5 14-Apr 09:10:19 Assassins Creed 10
Osprey 13-Apr 08:02:49 Final Fantasy Xii 20
Q4TTU5 12-Apr 09:09:39 Command And Conquer 3 10
Q4TTU5 11-Apr 17:36:51 The Witcher 2 10
Osprey 11-Apr 07:34:08 Unreal Tournament 3 10
Q4TTU5 10-Apr 08:29:22 Simcity 10
Q4TTU5 09-Apr 17:18:38 Mario Strikers Charged Football 10
Osprey 09-Apr 07:41:23 Metroid Prime 3 10
Osprey 08-Apr 10:19:45 Farcry 3 10
Q4TTU5 07-Apr 10:19:55 Mass Effect 3 10
Q4TTU5 06-Apr 21:52:21 Fifa 08 10
Vengeance 06-Apr 08:41:59 Generals Zero Hour 10
Q4TTU5 05-Apr 14:08:44 Shogun 2 10


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