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I Want You To DonateLANThrax is a non profit organization that is kept alive thanks to the work of dedicated volunteers. However, there are some aspects of the maintenance of a website that cannot be covered by voluntary work alone. That is why LANThrax also needs occasional donations to cover for such expenses as domain name registrations and hardware maintenance.

For every €14 donation you will receive a customized LANThrax mug bearing a name of your choice together with one of the mug designs shown below:

Mug Design X Mug Design S Mug Design R

The mug design options are the finalists of this competition.


Recent Benefactors, sorted by donation date

gattard €20.00 14-Jul-12
Vengeance €30.00 29-Mar-11
T3mfom3T €14.00 14-Feb-10
Bobby €14.00 10-Feb-10
Nikola €14.00 17-Nov-09
fdylan €14.00 03-Oct-09
serduka10 €14.00 27-Sep-09
Wakko €20.00 27-Sep-09
Zuggy €14.00 27-Sep-09
Kazza €35.00 27-Sep-09
Steve Buvni Jr €35.00 27-Sep-09
The Punisher €14.00 27-Sep-09
Osprey €14.00 27-Sep-09
R3DD3V1L €14.00 27-Sep-09
AlPhaz3R0 €14.00 27-Sep-09
KrazyKain €14.00 27-Sep-09
LazeR €14.00 27-Sep-09
outsid3r €14.00 27-Sep-09
Icevid €14.00 27-Sep-09
homer €14.00 27-Sep-09
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